AM Cyling, the apparel brand you never knew you needed

I’m not even sure how I came across AM Cycling, but knew very quickly after speaking to Marcin that this is a company based on a love for cycling and not about getting rich. AM Cycling was founded only last year, by Marcin and Anna, who are both keen long distance cyclists. Maybe this was the bit that caught me. I always like companies with a little background in long distance stuff and their kit is often designed with comfort and quality in mind before looks, just look at my review of Red & White bibshorts, who are still my ‘go to’ shorts by the way.

I spoke with Marcin some time ago and was impressed by his candid attitude and enthusiasm for the bike. The AM Cycling range has a nice selection of jerseys, shorts and caps and they certainly stand out too. The cut is what most would describe as ‘pro’ now and I found the jersey to be a nice tailored fit. Arms were a nice length and the grippers a deep style rather than thin annoying band of yesteryear. Pockets are well sized and the zipper easy to engage and use.

AM Cycling

Mens Cubic and Kaleidoscope Jerseys, along with the womens’ Violet Jersey

So it fits well, and looks great, so how does it feel? Well the current heatwave in the UK has made testing particularly easy and I was expecting to finish a tough and hot ride with a jersey clinging at me and annoyingly damp with sweat. Instead what I had was a jersey that was light, breathable, and capable of getting the moisture away from me quickly. Impressive stuff.

But what makes AM Cycling better than anyone else? Every single week I come across numerous brands purporting to be the next Rapha, and pricing themselves as though they already are. It’s frustrating as some are very good, but for a startup company to be asking £120+ for a jersey is always a turn off. And Marcin seems to get that, as the AM Cycling range is really pretty competitive. And by that, I mean cheap. A jersey as seen modelled beautifully by me is just £55. And the bib shorts, just £64. Try find something similar quality/look/fit without paying twice as much. I think I’ve found a little gem, and will be back for more.  And if you want to spend a little more, then for £99 you can get the Orizuru jersey, which you’ll be pleased to know boasts a raft of extras for your money.  Starting with another striking design, the Orizuru jersey is aero fit, with short collar and lazer cut sleeves to help you slice through the air.  Upgraded materials mean it is both light and breathable to keep you cool whilst claiming those KoMs and the inclusion of a fourth pocket which is waterproof means your phone will be dry no matter how heavily you sweat or if that showers appear.  Which they tend to do in the UK.  A lot.

To ensure quality is maintained and products are to the standard required of Marcin and Anna, they personally test the range to see where they can make improvements and what they can do next to evolve.  Just check out this weekends ride, where Marcin clocked up over 320Km in the saddle, that’s commitment to your product!

AM Cycling Test Ride

And if you’re still undecided, AM Cycling are offering an exclusive discount for our readers. Punch in the code CYCLEDCC at check out to receive 10% off an already good price. Bargain, I think you’ll agree.

Check out the full AM Cycling range

AM-Cycling, or not?
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What’s not to like? Great fit, awesome prices, and great designs.

Gavin Barron

Gavin Barron

Gavin is a long distance triathlete, road racer and time trialist. Often found in the hills of Italy hopelessly chasing Strava segments. Gavin is a regular writer at and has thus far avoided the lure of twitter. You find him on instagram @pedal_powered

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